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As some of you may know, Kristina Cook (our lead soprano) and Kessa Mefford (our company’s principal pianist) have been working together for the past few years now on the Ravel Project, and specifically within the last year have been working on recording a complete album of all 32 of Ravel’s art songs. Well, in a grand celebration of the completion of the recording project, they will be performing the complete 32 art songs of Ravel in Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in December.

Yes, you read that right… they will be giving their Carnegie debut performing the
complete art songs of Maurice Ravel, written originally for voice and piano. This concert and the whole project is not only a big deal for them, but also a big deal for the classical music community at large. They are the first singer-pianist duo to ever undertake the complete art songs of Ravel; all existing albums of his art songs are compilations of multiple singers or multiple pianists or both. They are also performing all the songs in their original keys, to ensure their utmost harmonic authenticity, and they will both be performing the entire program from memory to demonstrate our commitment to the music.
The concert will be Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 at 7:30pm.

Tickets range from $45-$65, and can be purchased NOW online here: or by phone at 212-247-7800.

Also, the album release of the songs is scheduled for January 1st 2023, but pre-released hard copy CDs will be available for purchase for concert attendees. MARK! YOUR! CALENDARS!